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Film TV and video

Long feature for cinema

2008: FAR FROM FAMILY, script and direction

short films (short features)

1986: The Sorcerers apprentice (De Tovenaarsleerling, script and direction)

1981: Breasts (Borsten, script, director, prod.)

1980: Touching (Aanraken, script, dir., prod.)

1980: Curious (Nieuwsgierig, script, dir., prod.)

1979: Outsider (Buitenspel, script, regie, prod.)

1978: Party (Feest, script, director, prod.)



1984: Your friends are coming (Wij komen als vrienden 1984, script en filmdir.,prod.) VPRO

1983: My parents country (Het land van mijn ouders, script en film dir.)


Video productions

1988: A Beginners Course in Love (Cursus voor beginners in de liefde, 13 parts, each 25 minutes (satire) 1988 (dir.).

1985: Screen Test, 4 parts, each 45 minutes (satire) (dir.).

1984: Fate, (Lot , script, dir. ) NOS



1996: My father's voice, script radio play, based on own short story. Screenplays (Not yet in production).


Screenplays (not yet in production)

2007: Far from family (script 149 minuten, produced in 2008, and in release, dvd in June 2009)

1998: Games4Girls. (script for 120 minutes long feature)

1998: Lovely little lips (script for 100 minutes, long feature)

1998: Caravan. (90 minutes , long feature)

1995: Kites under the mattress (script , 90 minutes for long feature)


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