2009 To be expected: Interwoven borders, novel.
2007 In the living of my past, poetry and paintings
2006 Sawah Belanda, color art and history book about art-installation, redaction.
2005, A royal gesture, redaction by Marion Bloem
2005 Writers on writing, edited by Maurice Lee, Praeger
contributions to the Study of World Literature, by Marion Bloem: Making the invisible visible.
2005: The little warrior (De kleine krijger, a children novel about the period of the Dutch colony The Dutch East Indies and the decolonisation1936-1948)
2005: As great as Hugo (illustration book for all ages about the life of HUGO GROTIUS and the concept of freedom of speech, in Dutch, full color pages)
2004: The V of Venus (Novel for adults about loss and love)
2003: At Home (Thuis, an artbook with excerpts from diaries, novels, short stories, and paintings and drawings and photographs, in Dutch, 256 full color pages)
2002: Forever mother (Voor altijd moeder, short stories and poetry about motherhood)
2002: Sometimes love is awkward, darling (Liefde is soms lastig liefste, poetry in Dutch)
2001: Games4girls (Games4Girls, novel in Dutch)
1999: Far from family (Ver van familie, novel in Dutch)
1998: Lovely little lips (Mooie meisjesmond, novel in Dutch)
1996: The Cockatoos lie (English translation of 'De leugen van de kakatoe' by Women in translation, Seattle)
1996: Kasesa's Luge (German translation of 'De leugen van de Kaketoe')
1995: The taste of the unknown (De smaak van het onbekende, novel in Dutch)
1995: Mosquitos, People, Elephants (Muggen mensen olifanten, compilations of short stories in Dutch)
1994: Lange Reisen kurze Lieben (German translation of 'Lange reizen, korte liefdes')
1993: The Cockatoo’s lie (De leugen van de kaketoe , novel in Dutch)
1992: The dogs of Slipi (De honden van Slipi, novel in Dutch)
1990: Kites under the mattress (Vliegers onder het matras, compilations of short stories
in Dutch)
1989: Meaningful fathers, (Vaders van betekenis, novel in Dutch)
1988: Girls don't fight (Meisjes vechten niet, short novel in Dutch)
1987: Rio (Rio, novel in Dutch)
1987: Long journeys short loves (Lange reizen korte liefdes, novel in Dutch)
1983: Not just a common Indonesian girl (Geen gewoon Indisch meisje, in Dutch)

In addition, there are several children books, and some books for younger children. Some have been published in German. A Japanese version of one of her children books about her Eurasian background (title: Matabia; theme: growing up between two cultures) was published in 1997. This book received some prizes and awards. Bloem has published several short stories for adults and children yearly in different anthologies in and outside of the Netherlands.

2001: Amsterdam, A traveler's literary companion (edited by Manfred Wolf), title of the short story : A pounding heart.

Bibliofile editions

1995: Hoping for new words. (Hoop op nieuwe woorden)
poems and black and white silkprints by Marion Bloem
1994: On the bridge to the temple (Op de brug naar de tempel )
Art edition of poems by Marion Bloem and color silkprints by Nico Vrielink
1993: They called us blue (Blauwen noemden ze ons)
Unique edition, poems by Marion Bloem, drawings by Richard Smeets
1992: Poetry and paintings, by Marion Bloem
1992: Black and white in and behind colors (Zwartwit in en achter kleuren)
Art edition of poetry by Marion Bloem and woodblock prints by Fon Klement
1990: Sun's faces.(Gezichten van Zon)
Art edition of four poems by Marion Bloem with four etchings by Jan Montyn.

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